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My Night Sky Story

Last Year Miguel won our Night Sky Story competition prize of a trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, they didn't get to see the lights but their trip was special for another reason - they got engaged!


Thanks Miguel and Angie for sharing the news - best of luck for the next chapter of your story!

See below for more inspiring Night Sky Stories.

Steph and Sam briefly dated before he left for his Travels. 4 years later to the day, the stars brought them back together. They tell their story from the spot where it all began.

This is the heart warming Story of Ben, an educator in Canada who believes in teaching the power of empathy to his students. They gifted members of their community a Night Sky in appreciation for the work that they do for the community. From their local firefighters to the highest office in the land, gifting Justin Trudeau his own Night Sky. It's a powerful message of empathy and showing appreciation.

If you haven't seen Jane's story, it's well worth checking out. She chooses the moment she realized she had the power to change her story. 


Stay tuned for another powerful Night Sky Story tomorrow.